A UX\UI project I did during my studies. You’ll be able to get a bit of the user experience research and functionality I made for this product.

About Nearbour

A community network for close neighbors, who live in nearby homes. The app provides a solution to the lack of communication between neighbors in the modern world we live in these days.

So in fact, with the help of Nearbour, each building can easily manage all its needs together, make suggestions and immediately report problems. Beyond that, anyone can communicate with neighbors on any topic that interests people in their daily lives.

Solve our problems

Each product, by definition, must fulfill an existing need, obtain a solution to the users’ problems. It stems from frustrations and pains, from the moments in life where something disturbs us.

I came up with this idea out of my desire to create a true partnership between neighbors. I’m happy to promote solutions that help the community we live in for a better future.

Let's get to know Galit

Galit is the ideal persona, an example of our target audience. You’ll notice her through the flow because she was an integral part of the process of building this product.

Galit, 32 years old, a single parent by choice to her daughter, Noa. She is a lawyer by profession, and for the rest of her time, she’s looking to empower her social life and find someone to share her life with.
When I was a kid, we knew all the neighbors and the doors were open. These days you don’t know who lives in the door in front of you, you feel ashamed to ask for sugar. You’re lucky if there’s an elevator in the building for some interaction.

Pain Points

She has to wait for a meeting until every quarter to know what’s going on in the building
She lacks a convenient platform to offer suggestions to the community.


She wants to be involved in anything that happens in the community she lives in, anytime and independently.
Her basic desire is to connect everyone, into one community, as it used to be.

User Journey

A user journey is a series of steps which represent the interaction between our persona, which is Galit, to Nearbour. In this case, Galit gathers significant value from using the app, even passively.
Galit woke up early - she has to get Noa to kindergarten. She noticed that there were a lot of new messages from Nearbour. The neighborhood community decided to organize a party tonight, but Galit already has other plans!

The neighbor who lives on the 5th floor invited her to run and she will not miss a chance to know him better.
Galit got a notification because someone tagged her in a discussion about water leakage going on in her building. She fears it comes from her apartment and so she quickly leaves her workplace.
Unfortunately, her concern was correct - the leakage was beginning from her kitchen which is the last thing she wanted to deal with this weekend!
But she's not alone, her kind neighbors have already taken care of bringing a plumber from a nearby street. He joined the discussion and already knew where to go.
Galit manages to discover the cause of the problem. She got an alert from the smart building that one of the shared water boilers was working incorrectly!
At the last moment, Galit is ready to start running with the neighbor from the 5th floor. They both know it won't be the last time.

UI Elements

In the next stage, I created wireframes and sure determine to be consistent in choosing the interface elements, which is based on my conclusions from the research above.

While designing the whole interface, I gathered everything into a basic design system based on Atomic Design Methodology, from the smallest to the most complex components.



Design System

Let's dive into the features

The features provide solutions to Galit’s needs, as well as an interface that is built to serve a wide range of people, from different sectors and needs.
on hover

Around me

The main screen contains all possible interactions with neighbors around us. The interactions with neighbors around make it possible to get to know people, events and public discussions while maintaining the privacy of internal information.


This feature contains most of the activity, which gives users the stage to talk about everything they care about, at any moment.

My Building

No more quarterly meetings. From now on, every neighbor is involved in everything that happens in the building and can make an equal impact on everyone. It gives them the motivation to improve their quality of life.

Smart Building

We’re moving into a new era where smart buildings work for you, enable monitoring and operate a wide range of devices in the building. Our lawn is greener than our neighbor.


Viola! Your closest to the real thing.

Better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away

Míshlê, The Bible