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A client project in advertising I did in collaboration with Inbar Angel during our design studies

About Doona

Doona sells products that simplify the lives of parents and their babies by introducing innovative products and solutions.

Liki Trike is one of their flagship products, which they claim is the world’s most compact folding trike, is called Liki Trike. Liki allows you to travel comfortably with your child, to be safe and have fun. This is a point that we were base on in our project.

Our Mission

Our goal was to raise an advertising campaign for the company’s new folding trike, emphasizing a unique concept. We received a brief and start the process.

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Understanding the Product

The company’s vision is to find solutions to the difficulties parents experience. From this vision, we realized that they support practical, inspirational parenting. Parents who do not give up their lives despite having children.
The obvious benefits of the product are mobility, flexibility, and compactness. It can be taken anywhere. Mobility with children is difficult for everyone, and Liki emphasizes that the product makes it easier for parents.

Target Audience

Parents of middle and high socioeconomic status living in the modern world, along with their children and interested in providing them cross-border experiences. On top of that, they don’t want to give up on their shared experiences and are delighted to have the opportunity to give their children great knowledge from an early age.

Our concept

Our idea is to connect all the needs and goals of our target audience with the strongest advantage of this product – mobility. Traveling around the world has never been easier, kids are exploring and discovering worlds, with ease and comfort, for them and their parents.

The bottom line

Beyond the many benefits, we emphasize the value it brings to parents. And this is the concept – children who travel around and explore the world independently create a wide imagination for themselves. On the other hand, it is easier for parents when their children are independent.

The campaign


The heart of the campaign. We decided to adopt all of our important messages into one simple, yet intelligent message. We trust our target audience to understand and even appreciate it.
The children use the trike, traveling the world independently. They learn so much from it and know things that belong to “adults.” There is a wink here about how the target audience wants to see their children in the future. The combination of the trike and the floating illustrations symbolizes the children’s developed imagination.


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