Marketing • UX-UI

Some of the projects I did as a brand and marketing designer at a growth startup environment

About Bookaway

Bookaway is an online ground transportation platform providing services from local suppliers worldwide. Founded in 2017 and since then the company operates in more than 600 cities around the world, serves thousands of travelers every month.

It's all about the journey

Bookaway emphasizes the experience of travel, understanding that traveling in a foreign country is stressful, there is a frustrating need for travelers to engage in a lot of bureaucracy while traveling.

Bookaway wants to give its customers peace of mind so that they can enjoy any destination.

My role and responsibilities

As a brand and marketing designer at Bookaway, I did cross-department projects and involved at the beginning of a branding process. I have built and embedded, together with Chen Cohen, a collaborative work process based on Figma, while building a design system that serves the R&D team in the company.

Unique Pages

About us

The gateway to the company. The page that contains general information about Bookaway. Built on WordPress + Elementor.

Help center

An important page considering that we provided 24/7 support. I embedded the design on a Zendesk system while writing HTML \ CSS code.

Coupons page

Our goal was to target users and promote the page in terms of SEO. Built on WordPress + Elementor

Affiliates Onboarding

A short guide to understanding dedicated tools for new partners. Built on WordPress + Elementor

Email marketing

Newsletters, Cross-sale, etc.

I designed several emails for different purposes that were used by the marketing department, but that’s the easy part. I executed them independently, by writing the code from scratch, and that’s a challenge with a lot of satisfaction.


Full Moon

A marketing campaign for transportation tickets to the parties in Koh Phangan, including landing page and banners. Built on WordPress + Elementor

User-Generated Content

An important campaign aimed at gathering user-generated content as part of the company’s goals and values. Built on WordPress + Elementor


Design System

In preparation for a future branding process and the expecting design team’s expansion, I suggested that we should move to more collaborative and organized tools such as Figma.
Together with the product designer, we started a collaborative way of working for several teams in the company. The highlight of this process is the establishment of the Design System – the absolute truth.
Part of Bookaway's Design system

Feature: Blog search bar

The main propose of the feature is to increase the usability of the blog. The process including general research and designing the entire interface, ready for development.

The marketing core

Retargeting \ Display Ads

The goal of retargeting campaigns aimed to focus on the audience who already discovered an interest in our products. It was important to be optimized in any aspect, as much as we can, Which is means fit multiple concepts of ads to hundreds of routes and destinations.

General Banners

Advertising by banners includes promoting specific routes and destinations, general information related to travelers, alongside raising brand awareness.


Building presentations was part of my responsibility as a designer, both for the internal needs of the company and for investors, partners and more. For the example shown below, a few slides from a new employee on-boarding presentation.