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Adobe Quick

A conceptual marketing campaign to a new and innovative application from Adobe, which created under a tight timeline from the beginning. It’s an imaginary work for my training, which means it’s not a real product, and there’s no real connection with Adobe.


During the process, I thought about creative options for an imaginary Adobe campaign. I invented a new and innovative product.

Adobe Quick.

Quick is an app that is suitable for everyone, not just for experienced and knowledgeable designers, with all the latest photo editing capabilities, based on deep learning, wrapped in an intuitive and simple interface.

Target Audience

Young people who are active on social networks, who would like to be able to post quality photos such as photographers or designers – but can’t use complex software like Photoshop. They want instant solutions that match the quality of photos uploaded by celebs on social networks.




The idea is to present an amazing image edited very quickly with a quote alongside. It could be a well-known celeb who says he took and edited the photo himself effortlessly and without the help of any professional.


Before & After

Divide an image into two parts, which on one side it will look unattractive, unedited, and on the other, it will look excellent.

This comparison of the same picture helps us immediately understand the potential of what we can get out of using this product. The content, in this case, will highlight the ease of reaching this result.


The pros use it

The concept is to bring the dream up to them – how to edit pictures like a pro, without any effort or learning course. We emphasize that even the most talented people use this product because it’s intuitive and free.

The goal is to immediately banish all doubts that if the pros use it – it’s probably expensive and complicated.


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